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Passenger Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

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When two vehicles collide, passengers often suffer injuries, though they had no control over the situation. Whether you were a friend sitting in the front seat or a customer on the Red Line, you can suffer serious injuries as a passenger. But figuring out who is liable for your medical bills can get quite complicated – particularly if a city bus or other government vehicle is involved.

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Who Can Passengers Sue After a Crash?

It depends on the situation, and who was at fault. If two cars were involved, the passenger is best off filing a claim against both drivers’ insurance policies. If a child or family member is injured while a parent or sibling is driving a vehicle, the driver’s own auto insurance policy may cover the injuries. When a friend is driving and another friend is injured as a passenger, the passenger can file a claim against a friend’s auto insurance policy. This may have an impact on the relationships, but it’s more important for the passenger to get the money he or she needs to recover.

Commercial vehicles, like school buses and airport shuttles, are frequently involved in collisions that result in passenger injuries. Those passengers should be covered by commercial insurance that is required in California – including for drivers using ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. The insurance coverage for ridesharing, and the process of filing claims against a common carrier like a bus, is complicated in these situation, so speaking to an L.A. car crash attorney right away is your best bet for getting fair compensation.

Seatbelt Injuries

Sometimes, seatbelts can cause injuries to passengers when a collision occurs. Depending on the situation, different parties can be held liable for these kinds of injuries. If the vehicle’s owner made changes or alterations to the seatbelt that caused injury or made the seatbelt fail, then the owner might be held liable. If a seatbelt wasn’t tampered with but fails to work properly and someone is ejected from a vehicle, the manufacturer is almost certainly liable.

Negligence and Liability

Determining who’s liable for a passenger’s injuries after a wreck can be tricky, and will come down to what happened and the details of the crash. Since passengers do not have control over the vehicle, the person who caused the accident will probably be liable. In some instances, however, this can get more complicated.

What if a passenger in the backseat of a car experiences a rear-end collision, with the vehicle slamming into him? You’d assume the driver who hit the rear of the car was to blame. But what if the passenger’s driver wasn’t paying attention and changed lanes suddenly, leaving the rear driver no time to stop? Liability would be shared by both drivers.

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