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When Do You Need A Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer?

Being attacked by a dog can be a traumatic experience – one that will have a negative impact on you for the rest of your life. This is especially true for younger victims, who are disproportionately at risk of dog attacks. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in an attack, you have the right to be fully compensated for the damages you sustained.

That’s why you need to consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our experienced legal team at NOVIK LAW GROUP, A Professional Corporation, specializes in dog bite injuries or accidents and will represent your interests and advocate on your behalf. Call (818) 305-6041 today to schedule a free consultation.

Dogs Bite More Than You Think

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year. Although only a fraction of those attacks prove fatal, survivors are often left with disfiguring and debilitating injures. In 2015 alone, more than 28,000 people required reconstructive surgery due to serious dog bites.

The following is a partial list of injuries that victims of dog bites can sustain:

  • Deep tissue damage
  • Permanent scars
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of fingers
  • Nerve damage
  • Infections, such as rabies

However, the emotional trauma that many people must endure is often worse than the physical injuries. Victims often show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which can leave them frightened of dogs, as well as suffering from anxiety, depression, nightmares, mood swings, and other complications. Children are especially at risk for this.

What Does California Law Say About Dog Bites?

California is what is known as a “strict liability” state, meaning that pet owners are responsible for injuries inflicted by their pets most of the time. Owners cannot use the fact that their dog has never acted violently in the past as a defense. They are expected to be in full control of their dog at all times.

Not All Dog Bite Injuries Are the Same in California

Furthermore, there are also provisions in California law for dangerous dogs – dogs that have previously shown violent or aggressive tendencies. Owners who have dangerous dogs have an extra responsibility for properly securing their animal and ensuring no attacks can happen. Failing to do so would allow victims to take legal action that would likely result in a much larger settlement.

Dog Bite Injuries & Personal Liability

However, there are certain situations in which a dog owner would probably not be held liable for an attack. For example, when the victim was trespassing or illegally present in the location where the bite occurred, or when the dog was functioning as a law enforcement of military service dog. If an adult victim behaved in a reckless or threatening manner towards the dog, he or she will likely be found partially or wholly to blame as well.

What Compensation Are You Entitled to for a Dog Bite Injury?

Being attacked can leave a lifetime of scars, both literally and figuratively. The injuries involved can be painful and debilitating, often requiring multiple reconstructive surgeries. California dog owners are responsible for keeping their animals under control at all times, and victims have the right to be fully compensated for their injuries.

Can you sue someone if their dog bit you?

Many people wrongly assume that only their medical bills will be covered after a dog attack. But victims can also sue for all related expenses, including hospital stays, rehabilitation, lost wages, prescription medicine, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

Is there a statute of limitations on dog bites?

But don’t wait to take action. The statute of limitations in California is not long, and the sooner you can get the legal proceedings started, the better chance of success you will have.

If you’ve been injured by an animal attack of any kind, please call our LA dog bite lawyers today at (818) 305-6041 to discuss your options. We believe no victim should be ignored.

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