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Restaurant Fall Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

If You Were Injured In A Restaurant Fall You May Need A Restaurant Accident Attorney

Given the number of restaurants that launch or go out of business every week in L.A., restaurant negligence is certainly an important subject. Like any other business owner, restaurant owners have a responsibility to their customers to provide a reasonable level of safety.

When To Consider Hiring A Restaurant Fall Attorney in Los Angeles

Fortunately, most people who go out for a nice dinner downtown will not have to face dangers beyond burning their tongues on hot soup. But when more serious injuries do occur, it is important to hold the restaurant liable for its actions. Our knowledgeable Los Angeles premises liability attorneys can help. If you or a loved one has been injured in a restaurant, call NOVIK LAW GROUP, A Professional Corporation, at (818) 305-6041 for a free consultation.

What Is Restaurant Negligence Law?

Restaurant negligence is a specific type of premises liability involving accidents and injuries that occur in a restaurant. For example, a customer being served too-hot food that causes serious burns, requiring medical attention, would fall under restaurant negligence.

Since restaurants are businesses, customers can suffer injury as a result of a negligent business owner or their employees. A customer can be injured by slipping on food in the dining area of a restaurant that an employee saw but did nothing to clean up. A customer can also be injured in the bathroom of a restaurant because the maintenance company or cleaning crew mopped the floor but failed to properly dry the floor or provide proper warning that the floor was still wet. In both examples, the owner of the restaurant knew of the dangerous condition, or through the exercise of reasonable care, should have known about it, yet failed to act in a reasonable way to prevent an injury. That means he’s liable for the bills those injuries cause.

What About Negligent Restaurant Security?

Since restaurants are businesses with cash money coming in (and liquor going out), security should be in place to keep patrons safe. For example, if fights have broken out in the past at a nightclub, the club should provide professional security on site to help keep customers safe. In general, brawls and other crimes committed in a restaurant only become the restaurant’s responsibility if the restaurant owner had reason to believe there was the possibility of violence or crime in the future, yet did nothing to prevent or minimize it.

When Is the Restaurant Liable vs. the Property Owner for a Restaurant Fall or Accident?

Most restaurants lease or rent their space from a commercial property owner. As such, it can be difficult to determine who is actually liable for accidents that occur in or around a restaurant. For example, if you fell down stairs in disrepair, it’s likely that the property owner is liable. However, if the restaurant’s lease states they are responsible for all property repairs, such as those stairs, then the restaurant owner might be liable.

These kinds of details are why it is essential to hire an experienced restaurant fall attorney in Los Angeles after any injury in a restaurant. Call NOVIK LAW GROUP at (818) 305-6041 today to set up your free consultation and see what our Los Angeles based restaurant accident attorneys can do for you!

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