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Need A Burn Injury Attorney Due To Negligence?

Burns may be the most painful injuries a person can experience. Burns can occur in a wide range of situations, including a workplace accident, a vehicle collision, or due to use of a faulty product. If you suffer a serious burn, the most important thing to do is seek immediate medical attention. Treatment can make your recovery faster and more effective.

Once you have medical attention, ask yourself how the burn happened – could someone else be to blame? For example, if another driver caused the collision that burned you, that driver should be held responsible for your medical bills. Burns are an especial danger for construction workers and others in manufacturing industries – and an unsafe work environment may be grounds for a civil lawsuit, holding the employer to blame.

When To Call A los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been seriously burned due to someone else’s negligence, call NOVIK LAW GROUP, A Professional Corporation, at (818) 305-6041. Our LA burn injury attorneys offer a free consultation, and if you’re too hurt to come to us, we’ll come to you.

Burn Injury Categorization and Severity

To understand the impact a burn injury can have on a person’s life, it is important to know how they are categorized. These terms are common knowledge, but let’s go over exactly what each one means.

  • First-degree burn: The least serious burns and also the most common. First-degree burns only damage the outer layer of skin, called the “epidermis,” not any tissue beneath. They usually heal within a week and do not typically require medical attention. First-degree burns include things like sunburn and a burn left behind after quickly touching a hot pan.
  • Second-degree burn: Second-degree burns are far more serious and damage both the epidermis and the layer of skin beneath it, called the “dermis.” Medical attention is usually required, and skin grafts may be needed to repair the damaged area. (A skin graft involves transplanting healthy skin over the burned area to help it heal.)
  • Third-degree burn: Third-degree burns destroy all three layers of skin and damage tissue beneath them – from nerves and blood vessels to muscles and bones. Medical treatment is always necessary with third-degree burns, and skin grafts are essentially required for these injuries. Painful treatments like debridement or reconstructive surgery will also be necessary.

How Do You Get A Burn Injury?

The source of a burn injury may be…

  • Thermal: Caused by coming into contact with something hot, such as a flame, boiling water or steam, or heated objects.
  • Chemical: Caused by skin coming into contact with chemical irritants such as chlorine, bleach, and acid. Chemical burns are extremely painful and can cause additional damage to vulnerable body parts, such as the eyes.
  • Electrical: Caused when the body comes into contact with an electrical current. Internal injuries can also occur along with these burns.
  • Friction: Caused when skin rubs against another surface. They may happen in vehicle crashes, especially if someone is ejected from a vehicle. They are especially common for motorcyclists under the name “road rash.”

Let’s Talk Hot Coffee

Perhaps the most famous burn-injury lawsuit happened in 1994 when a woman sued McDonald’s because she was burned by hot coffee. While this situation became a running punch line for many comedians, in reality, the woman suffered horrifying third-degree burns, spent eight days in the hospital, and spent another two years receiving medical treatment. The coffee was so hot it caused third-degree burns in less than seven seconds, and a jury confirmed that McDonald’s had it too hot – and needed to pay.

Why Hire A Burn Injury Attorney?

Burns can happen in an instant and require years of treatment. When someone else’s carelessness was the cause of your injuries, that person or company should be held responsible for their actions. Call NOVIK LAW GROUP at (818) 305-6041 to speak to a Los Angeles injury lawyer about what happened, and we can discuss your legal options. Your consultation is free, and so is having us take your case – we don’t get paid until we get you fair compensation.

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