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Driving is something we do almost every day, and it becomes so commonplace that we often forget how dangerous it really is. Being distracted is part of life, but becoming distracted while driving is incredibly foolish. Thousands of lives every year could be saved if drivers stayed focused on the road.

Being injured in any kind of collision can be traumatic. When you are hurt or lose a loved one because a driver was looking at his phone and not watching the road, knowing it could have been avoided makes the situation worse. Do not accept a lowball offer from the driver’s insurance company. Call the team at NOVIK LAW GROUP, A Professional Corporation, at (818) 305-6041 to talk about your legal options.

Top Five Distractions for Drivers

We all know that mobile phones and other gadgets in the car can be distracting, but there are certain distractions that many of us don’t even think about. According to research based on police reports of fatal accidents, these are the five most common distractions causing accidents:

  1. Daydreaming: The most common cause of fatal accidents is becoming lost in thought or “mind-wandering.” More than 60% of distracted drivers in fatal crashes stopped focusing on driving and began daydreaming.
  2. Cell phone use: It’s no surprise that mobile phones are a common distraction. Talking, listening to someone else, and texting while driving can all be disastrous. More than 10% of distracted drivers in fatal collisions were interacting with a cell phone in some manner.
  3. Outside events: Things happening outside of a vehicle can also be a distraction for drivers. This includes watching or interacting with a person outside of a vehicle, and looking at another accident along the side of the road. Distractions outside the vehicle account for about 7% of distractions in fatal collisions.
  4. Other occupants: Other people inside a car can also be a major distraction – for example, when drivers talk to someone else and look at them, taking their eyes off the road. In about 5% of fatal collisions involving a distracted driver, an occupant within the vehicle provided the distraction.
  5. Using device: Other devices, such as headphones, music players, tablets, and navigational devices, accounted for about 2% of distracted driving collisions.

The Consequences of Distracted Driving in Encino, Los Angeles

Sure, there’s stop-and-go traffic in LA, but that’s no excuse. Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, because conditions can change in a split second. When a vehicle is moving at 45 mph or more, a few beats is all it takes for a sudden stop in traffic…and a deadly accident to occur.

Nothing compares to the pain and suffering distracted drivers cause by harming other people. We all assume a terrific responsibility when we get behind the wheel of a car, and when drivers do not take that seriously, they should be held accountable. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits allow those harmed by distracted drivers to hold them responsible for their recklessness.

Encino Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys

Such civil actions are complicated and must be filed properly to ensure victims receive the compensation they deserve. Do not try to handle this type of thing on your own. Call an LA car accident lawyer at NOVIK LAW GROUP today to make sure your rights are protected. Our number is (818) 305-6041, and if you are too injured to visit us in our Encino office, we’ll visit you.

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