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Motorcycle Lane Splitting Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

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Few things can match the sense of freedom that comes with basking in the California weather on a motorcycle. We live in one of the best states in the country for biking, and people come from all over the world to enjoy Los Angeles. Of course, there are serious dangers that come with riding a motorcycle. Even if you do everything right, other drivers can put you in serious danger.

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What Is Lane-Splitting?

Lane-splitting, sometimes called lane sharing or filtering, is when someone on a motorcycle rides between two lanes. This lets a motorcycle pass between two vehicles, going with the flow of traffic. It is often done when traffic is at a standstill or moving slowly, allowing someone on a motorcycle to get through.

Lane-splitting can be controversial. Some drivers think it’s an unsafe action, while motorcyclists defend it, because it allows them to stay in control of their vehicles and reduces traffic congestion.

California is the only state in the U.S. where lane splitting is allowed by law. With that in mind, motorcyclists must obey other traffic laws and make sure they ride their motorcycle in a safe manner. They have to follow speed limits, traffic lights and other directions, and watch out for merging vehicles so as to remain safely in control of their motorcycles.

Is Lane-Splitting Safe?

In general, the research done on lane-splitting has shown it is safe in certain conditions. There are two things motorcyclists should keep in mind: lane-splitting should only be done if traffic is moving at 50 mph or less, and if the motorcyclist goes less than 15 mph faster than other vehicles. Traffic should be moving at a reasonable speed, and the biker shouldn’t go at excessive speeds that make reactions to a sudden situation impossible.

Lane-splitting is not allowed by any other state at this time. Since there are many tourists who come to enjoy California, it can catch them by surprise to see a motorcyclist moving between lanes. Caution should always be used when lane-splitting, especially when approaching a vehicle with out-of-state license plates.

After an L.A. Motorcycle Crash, Call a Motorcycle Lawyer

If you are in a collision while lane-splitting, get medical help immediately. If you can remain at the scene, exchange information with anyone else involved. But whatever you do, don’t talk to anyone else’s lawyer or agree to a quick payout from an insurance company.

Call the Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys at NOVIK LAW GROUP at (818) 305-6041 to make sure your rights are protected. Lane-splitting is legal, and motorists can’t use it as an excuse not to pay for your injuries and other losses.

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