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We all learned at a fairly young age that death is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes, however, the death of a loved one is not natural, but because of the recklessness of someone else. When negligence causes a person’s death, family members of that person can file a civil lawsuit against the negligent party to hold them responsible for their actions.

How Do I Choose A Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Winning a wrongful death suit in California is no small task. The court system is complicated, with important deadlines and procedures you have to follow. The person responsible for the death of your loved one will probably have an attorney of their own to fight against your claim. You deserve an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer on your side, too; looking out for your family’s best interests.

Call NOVIK LAW GROUP, A Professional Corporation, at (818) 305-6041. We understand these claims, and our goal is to take care of our clients and their families. We charge no money unless we recover fair compensation for you.

Types of Wrongful Deaths

The term “wrongful death” can refer to different situations that result in a person’s death and give the heirs of that person’s estate grounds for a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death will come down to fact that someone else was responsible for directly causing your loved one’s death in a provable way. This can be something as clear as an assault, or more complicated, like a dangerous work environment or faulty product.

Some common causes of wrongful deaths in Los Angeles include:

Who Can Bring A Wrongful Death Suit?

Only certain people are allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit under California law. Typically, a spouse or children of the person who died are allowed to file a claim on that person’s behalf for damages. When the deceased is a child, the parents of the deceased may file a wrongful death claim. Parents of an adult who is not married and has no children may also be able to file a claim, depending on the situation.

Who Has The Right To File A Suit For Wrongful Death?

It is important to note that in California only a single wrongful death suit can be filed against a person or company for one person’s death. Even if the deceased had a spouse and children who might each be able to file a suit, they must all do so together in a single lawsuit. It is essential that everyone involved come together and work with a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney to file a claim properly.

What Is The Statute of Limitations on a Wrongful Death Case?

There are different statutes of limitations in play for a wrongful death lawsuit. Missing a deadline can make it impossible to file a wrongful death claim, so the following deadlines should be kept in mind:

  • In most personal-injury-type cases, such as after an auto accident, you have up to two years from the death to file a suit.
  • If the government is involved, such as in the case of an LAPD officer driving a government vehicle and causing an accident, then you only have six months to file a claim.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it can become to prove your case. Evidence can be lost, witnesses can move away, and vital deadlines for filing a claim can be missed. Do not take any chances. Call NOVIK LAW GROUP at (818) 305-6041. Our LA wrongful death lawyers will come to you, if that’s easier. We can just sit down with you while you tell us what happened. If we can, we’ll then go to work to get justice for you.

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