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Nicole Jacobs
Nicole Jacobs
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It was a pleasure having Mr. Novik as my attorney he came highly recommended. He was always very courteous and very professional. I will be recommending his services to all of my family and friends.
Rebecca Perez-Rodriguez
Rebecca Perez-Rodriguez
Google Review
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My case was referred to Novik Law Group once the case went into litigation. Mr. Novik always assured me that he would not settle until he got us the best compensation possible. I am happy with our settlement & appreciate the time & effort they put into my case. Thank you!
Yoni Weinberg
Yoni Weinberg
Google Review
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Erick is an excellent attorney, but even more importantly, he's an excellent person. If you're his client, you're in good hands.
Tami Pearsall
Tami Pearsall
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I was involved in a freeway collision that resulted in my requiring surgery and time off work. If you ever find yourself needing representation, Erick knows the law, will give you the best representation, and yet is a compassionate attorney that cares about his clients' well-being.
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith
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Erick is an excellent and hard working attorney. He’s transparent, compassionate and tough when he needs to be to get the job done. He has my full enforcement as a lawyer and i have and will continue to refer people to him!
Claudia Friday
Claudia FridayGoogle Review
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Mr.Novik was extremely professional. He explained and guided me through the whole process with my car accident. Whenever I reached out with questions he responded quickly.

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When you contact the Long Beach auto accident attorneys at NOVIK LAW GROUP, you will get the attention you deserve. We’re ready to listen and answer any questions you may have about your collision or car accident in the Long Beach area. Getting into a car accident is scary, and we’re here to make sure you can get the answer you need right away so you feel informed to make the right decision for you.


Ranking number five in the number of fatalities and injuries cause by traffic accidents is Long Beach, CA. This ranking is based on other California cities with similar-sized population, but you can easily get the idea. Long Beach is a crowded and fast-paced city where car accidents are an every day occurence. Of course the first concern after a car accident is the safety of those involved. Once you’ve confirmed everyone is safe, the other concerns start arising. Who do you call first? What do you do with your vehicle? Do you need to hire a long beach car accident attorney? If emergency attention is needed, call 911. For non-emergencies, call the Long Beach Police Department. Once help is on the way, you can start addressing other concerns. Hiring a car accident attorney in Long Beach is a smart move. Getting help to resolve the situation allows you to focus on recovering, both physical and emotional. Keep reading to learn more about car accidents and how to handle them in Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach Auto Accident Attorney FAQ

Were you recently injured in a car accident in Long Beach? If so, our car accident lawyers in Long Beach at NOVIK LAW GROUP can help you today. We will not rest until you get compensated through our best car accident attorneys for your injury caused by a vehicle, motorcycle, or truck crash or collision.

Hiring a lawyer is a smart decision after a car accident in Long Beach, although it’s not required. A lawyer can offer professional advice in regard to what you may be entitled to. They can also help the process go smoother, thus saving you time and alleviating some stress. From filing a claim to seeking justice in court, a lawyer can help you step by step. It’s likely that you can get more compensation by hiring a lawyer too. While money may not be your first concern after a car accident, it’s certainly important for the recovery process.

It can be stressful to cover your expenses while waiting for a settlement after a car accident. That’s why we suggest hiring a car accident attorney in Long Beach at NOVIK LAW GROUP. We have the skills and experience needed to get a settlement for your case, and our team of car accident lawyers in Long Beach won’t rest until you get compensated properly. Contact NOVIK LAW GROUP as soon as possible so we can discuss your situation in detail.

To ensure your insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you, we recommend getting a car accident attorney quickly after an accident. At NOVIK LAW GROUP, we don’t charge our clients until they get compensation for their cases. If your injury in a car accident in Long Beach happened recently, contact our offices today so we can go over the details of your case.

General questions to ask your car accident attorney include:


What should I do after a car accident?
What information will you need about my accident?
How long do I have to file a claim?
How long does it take to settle a car accident claim?
Will I have to appear in court?

After you have been injured in a car accident, you may be overwhelmed with visits to the doctor, getting your vehicle repaired, and simply nursing yourself back to full health. The thought of trying to find a car accident lawyer can be overwhelming, however, it’s highly recommended. 

One of the easiest ways to find a reputable personal injury lawyer is to ask your friends and family for referrals. You can also rely on the Internet and trusted reviews for local car accident attorneys. In Long Beach, you’ll come across Novik Law Group as a group of top-rated car accident specialty attorneys. With no upfront costs, you can reach out and get the process started right away. You’ll be in the best hands with Novik Law Group.

If you choose to compare attorney services, ask about upfront costs, settlement amounts, success rate, and experience. You can even ask them for personal references. Speaking to past clients can be a smart idea. After a car accident though you may feel rushed, so it may be best to turn to a trusted source rather than shop for a new relationship.

If you’ve been in a recent car or other motor vehicle accident, we suggest reaching out to a car accident attorney in Long Beach to talk through the details of your case. NOVIK LAW GROUP has the experience and skills you need to get compensation for your car accident or personal injury case. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Long Beach with NOVIK LAW GROUP as soon as you can to get a free consultation so we can discuss the specifics of your case and the legal options available to you.

Obtaining an accident report in Long Beach, California is simple. All you need to do is go online and print off an Application For Release of Traffic Collision And/Or Crime Report / Incident Information. You can then either mail the application with a personal check for $25.10 and a photocopy of your driver’s license to the Long Beach Police Department, or you can take your application into the station yourself and pay the processing fee in person.

If you would like to mail your application you can send the application, a photocopy of your driver’s license, and a personal check for $25.10 to the address below.

Long Beach Police Department

400 West Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90802


No matter how big or small an accident is, a police report should be filed. Police reports can help protect you in the future and provide a paper trail of evidence. For example, let’s say you were in a fender bender and you didn’t think it was serious, so you settled it privately. Down the road you decide to sell your vehicle that was involved in the accident only to find out the frame was damaged on your vehicle, causing diminished value. If you don’t have a police report, you have no legal recourse. However, if you have a police report you may have legal recourse.

If you’re in a minor car accident with no damage, it may still be in your best interest to call the police and have a report filed just like you would with any other accident. At first glance, it may seem like there is no damage to your vehicle or that you sustained no injuries, however, you could have sustained internal injuries or underlying damage could have occurred to your vehicle that may not be noticeable at first.

If you’re looking for a police accident report that was filed by the California Highway Patrol, then you will need to contact the CHP office. You will need to fill out an application to release the report and pay a $10 processing fee for reports up to 25 pages in length. You can mail the application to the address below or go to the office in person. 

California Highway Patrol

Address: 19700 South Hamilton Ave, Torrance, California 90502.

Phone: (424)-551-4000

No, insurance companies do not automatically report accidents to the California DMV. If you’re involved in an automobile accident and the total amount of damage is greater than $1,000, then an SR1 needs to be completed and submitted to the DMV within 10-days. If not, your license could be suspended.

If you’re involved in a minor car accident in Long Beach, you are not obligated to report the accident unless there was damage in excess of $1,000, someone was injured, or if someone drove away from the scene of the accident.

The city of Long Beach has four different pólice stations, however, the West Broadway building is where you should go to submit your application for the release of an accident report.

If you don’t report a vehicle accident to your insurance provider within 24 hours, then your insurance company could claim that any injuries that you sustained were not related to the accident and therefore deny your claim when you make it at a later date. No matter how small the accident, it’s always a good idea to inform your insurance company right away. Reporting the accident right away is a proactive way to protect yourself in the future if you should happen to have accident-related injuries that do not become apparent until a few days after the accident.

Hiring an attorney can be costly, which is often why individuals avoid it. That is until they find out that hiring an attorney can cost nothing until they win. At Novik Law Group, our team of specialized car accident attorneys proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area. With experienced attorneys in all kinds of car accident cases, Novik is recognized as a top Los Angeles Law Firm. Novik will fight to make it right while delivering above and beyond service to every client.

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