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Encino Aggressive Driving Lawyer in Los Angeles

Road Rage Accident Attorney in Los Angeles?

Driving around Los Angeles is rarely easy. The dense traffic, frequent construction, and mind-boggling freeway loops can leave drivers confused, exhausted, and angry. That has often led to incidents of “road rage” in L.A. and the surrounding areas, which can escalate into dangerous situations.

While many drivers take the responsibility of getting behind the wheel of a car seriously, that responsibility may be forgotten in a moment of anger. When the dust settles, “being angry” does not excuse negligence behind the wheel, and aggressive drivers can be held responsible for the destruction they cause.

Figuring out exactly who is responsible for a collision, especially when multiple vehicles are involved, can be difficult. After any road rage incident in Los Angeles, call an experienced car accident attorney at NOVIK LAW GROUP, A Professional Corporation, to make sure your rights are protected.

What Is Road Rage?

The term “road rage” is typically used when someone becomes angry while operating a motor vehicle. Road rage goes beyond casual irritation in that it is explosive and often violent. Road rage is associated with a person screaming at other drivers, punching or shaking the steering wheel, and driving erratically.

Is Aggressive Driving Dangerous?

Aggressive driving is indeed dangerous. As drivers gain experience, they can lose sight of the reality that they are controlling thousands of pounds of machinery at high speeds. When someone succumbs to road rage and slams down on the gas to rush through traffic, the chances of a serious accident increase.

Sometimes, road rage can go beyond aggressive driving and turn into an act of violence by a driver. This can be something like ramming a vehicle into another person’s car, or using a weapon against other drivers. Enraged drivers can chase other drivers down, get out of their vehicle, and attack the people who may have offended them – or attack bystanders thrust into the explosive situation.

Is Road Rage an Act of Negligence?

Aggressive driving can certainly be considered negligent. Negligence can be summed up as when a person does something that another reasonable person would not have done in the same situation, knowing it could harm others. Most of us can agree that a reasonable person would not slam into another vehicle or chase down a motorist in order to assault them.

Road rage by itself might not be negligence, if the angry driver remains in control of his vehicle. However, if the angry driver frightens another driver and causes them to have an accident, the angry driver might be held responsible. All of these factors become important when looking at the big picture of a collision and determining who is at fault.

What Do I Do After a Road Rage Collision?

After any collision, be sure to remain at the scene, out of harm’s way or moving traffic, contact emergency services, and help anyone who seems injured – but do not move anyone who may have a spinal cord injury. When emergency services arrive, you should be honest in describing what happened, but do not take responsibility for the collision.

Then, contact a tough Los Angeles car accident attorney before dealing with the insurance company for the other driver. Make sure your rights are protected by calling the team at NOVIK LAW GROUP at (818) 305-6041 for a FREE consultation after any serious accident. We will go to work to get the maximum compensation possible for you.

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