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Car Accident Lawyer in Sun Valley, CA

As auto accident attorneys, we focus on helping victims that have been injured in automobile collisions throughout all of California, including Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California.

Car Accident Attorneys Helping Sun Valley Residents

In the past, especially between 2019 and 2020, we have detected a large increase in traffic collisions in Sun Valley, especially near the Interstate 5, Interstate 210, and the I5/170 Freeway interchange. We have also noticed that major roadways, such as Strathern St and Webb Ave, pose an additional risk of car accidents that involve pedestrians and bicyclists.

Car Accident Attorney in Sun Valley, Los Angeles

If you have been hurt in a car crash in or near Sun Valley, or anywhere else in Los Angeles, the car accident and injury attorneys at Novik Law Group may be able to help. We know the roads and traffic ecosystem in and around LA county.

Before contacting just any lawyer, consider obtaining legal advice from an injury lawyer that focuses on car accidents, is familiar with local laws, and has the knowledge and experience to overcome the challenges that Sun Valley and Los Angeles traffic accidents entail.

Only during the process, I realized how important it was to have a lawyer who knows the traffic in Sun Valley and surroundings and is equipped with profound arguments. I can recommend Erick without exception to anyone who has been involved in a car accident.
William S.
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About The City of Sun Valley in Los Angeles, California

Sun Valley Los Angeles California Areal

WAs of August 2020, the neighborhood of Sun Valley/Los Angeles has an estimated population of 1,544.

Neighborhoods Near Sun Valley, CABurbank, Los Angeles (5.26 mi)
Studio City, Los Angeles (6.11 mi)
West Hollywood, Los Angeles (9.59 mi)
Hollywood, Los Angeles (9.81 mi)
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Los Feliz, Los Angeles (10.05 mi)
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (10.72 mi)
Brentwood, Los Angeles (13.24 mi)
Culver City, Los Angeles (14.32 mi)
Mid-City, Santa Monica (14.73 mi)
Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica (14.74 mi)
Montana Avenue, Santa Monica (14.76 mi)
Places Near Sun Valley, CAUniversal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles (6.41 mi)
Sepulveda Dam, Encino (6.79 mi)
Encino Golf Course, Encino (7.52 mi)
Balboa Sports Complex, Encino (7.91 mi)
The Encino Velodrome, Encino (7.94 mi)
Rancho Los Encinos, Encino (8.17 mi)
Los Encinos State Historic Park, Encino (8.17 mi)
Encino Commons, Encino (8.69 mi)
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles (8.87 mi)
Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles (9.49 mi)
Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles (11.00 mi)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles (11.40 mi)

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