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When you get behind the wheel, you accept a certain amount of danger. Other drivers will always be unpredictable, and you have to drive defensively to account for any bizarre actions they might take. But we generally believe the road itself can be relied on.

Sadly, this is not always the case. Poor engineering and a lack of repairs can create dangerous roadways where accidents are more likely to occur. No matter how safely you drive, there is little you can do to prepare. After a crash due to a dangerous road, you can be left with serious injuries, unsure about what to do next.

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What Are Dangerous Roadways?

The term “dangerous roadway” refers to any stretch of road, such as a street, highway, or freeway, which is unsafe due to its design or conditions, regardless of other factors like driver behavior. In other words, these are areas where collisions are more likely because of the road itself.

Some common ways roads can be dangerous include:

  • Improper design. Some roads are planned poorly from the very start. City and county engineers should work to ensure curves and other parts of roads are safe, but they can get sloppy or make mistakes in the process.
  • Poor construction. Even with a good design, the road itself has to be made correctly. During construction, a wrong material or some steps performed out of order can result in dangerous conditions.
  • Improper inspections. Cities and states have a responsibility to ensure roads are inspected regularly, and they must follow up on any reports of unsafe conditions.
  • Poor repairs. When damage, like a deep pothole, is found, it should be repaired promptly and correctly to avoid blown tires and loss of control.
  • Lack of signs. When potential dangers are unavoidable, like sharp curves on a hillside or a tight merge, signs should be posted to warn drivers about these conditions.

Who Is Liable For Dangerous Highway Designs?

Liability for dangerous roadways can be difficult to pin down, since it depends on what caused the conditions and if the city was negligent in any way. Since public roads are under the supervision of individual cities, the county, or the State of California, things can become more complicated. Civil lawsuits against the government are only allowed in certain situations, and can be very difficult to pursue.

But experienced personal injury attorney can determine where fault rests. NOVIK LAW GROUP will perform an investigation, work with experts, and create reconstructions of road conditions to figure out what happened and why, if necessary. From there, we can prove who was responsible, and make sure they are held accountable for such a dangerous error.

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