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I Fell Down A Staircase: Whose Fault Is It?

When someone is injured from falling down a staircase, our team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will determine who is at fault for the stair fall. This is done by first determining if the staircase or stairwell was constructed or maintained in a way that made the stairs unsafe.

Are Stairs Dangerous?

Injuries from falls on staircases or stairwells are often caused because the stairs are unsafe. For example, a staircase that has missing handrails or handrails that are not up to code can result in a fall down the staircase, leading to injuries.

Likewise, uneven stairs that vary in height or width can create an unsafe condition that can cause someone to fall down a stairwell and become injured. Also, falls on staircases can occur when the surface of the stairs are slippery or wet. Staircases must be surfaced with material that makes them slip-proof, even when wet.

Additionally, staircases that are dark or dimly lit are unsafe and may cause someone to fall down the stairs. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys work on all varieties of injury cases that are caused by falls on staircases. Contact our office today for a free consultation at (888) 846-4576.

Do I Need a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney for My Staircase Fall?

Yes, it is important that you consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for your staircase fall accident. Our attorneys work with qualified engineers and experts to determine if the stairs, stairwell, or staircase was unsafe or improperly maintained. Safety experts can help establish the cause of a fall on a staircase and provide details as to how the staircase was unsafe.

Our team at Novik Law Group has worked with the some of the most qualified safety experts who provide guidance as to code violations and safety hazards as it relates to falls on staircases. We are ready to help you and your family after you’ve been injured from falling on a staircase.

What Kind of Injuries Can Be Caused by a Fall on a Staircase?

Unfortunately, falls on stairs can result in severe and potentially lifelong injuries. Due to the mechanism of falling on a staircase, there is potential for injury to every part of the body.  Ankle and knee injuries as well as head, neck, and back injuries often result from falls on stairs. Depending on other conditions, shoulder, arm, and wrist injuries can result from falling down a flight of stairs.

If you have been injured due to a fall on stairs, it is very important that you consult with a doctor as soon as possible to fully diagnose your injuries and develop a treatment plan. Many doctors also defer billing until your staircase fall claim is resolved.

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