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Five LA Traffic Sites We Love to Hate

Everyone loves sunny L.A. The beaches, the parties, the endless opportunities, and the amazing weather have thousands of people flocking to Los Angeles every year. But whether you’re visiting or calling L.A. your new home, there is one thing we all hate—the traffic.

Running errands can turn into an all-day task, and you need to back an overnight bag to visit a friend who lives a few miles away. When there are a lot of cars on the road and people become restless, it increases the probability of a crash.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at the top five busiest freeways in Los Angeles County that we love to hate.

  1. The 110 Harbor freeway: It’s the oldest freeway in Los Angeles and also the busiest. Traffic gets heaviest as you enter the heart of Downtown and doesn’t let up until you get past the Pasadena junction.
  2. The 101 Hollywood freeway: Hollywood is where all the action is. With everyone traveling to Hollywood to sight-see, go to work, and everything in between, it causes many collisions, which ultimately throws everyone else on the freeway into gridlocked traffic.
  3. The 10 freeway at the Santa Monica to East LA interchange: What’s the best time to do construction on a freeway? Right in the middle of rush hour, of course! Lately, this freeway is always backed up due to lanes being shut off for construction.
  4. The 105 freeway from El Segundo to Norwalk: Traffic is the heaviest from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., so if you need to go to LAX, you might want to avoid scheduling a flight during these times.
  5. The 210 freeway: Although it’s typically smooth sailing on the weekends, going east or west from San Gabriel Valley to the San Fernando Valley can be a headache during the weekly commute.

There’s One More Freeway to Fear

Although it didn’t make the top five, the 710 is another dangerous freeway in the area. In 2017, there were 6 fatal crashes on this narrow and crowded freeway running from Long Beach to below Pasadena, as tracked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Meanwhile, truck accidents make up 29% to 36% of the total number of accidents on the 710 mainline—which is higher than the state average (according to a Caltrans Traffic Accident Surveillance and Analysis System study). Prepare yourself if you have to drive on these roads!

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