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What To Do At A Yellow Light

Yellow Light Safety: Avoid Intersection Auto Accidents

When approaching an intersection with a yellow light you should be prepared to stop before entering the crosswalk. What should occur if you can not come to a safe and complete stop before entering the intersection? Pressing down on your brakes too abruptly can cause the vehicle behind you to rear-end you. You should contact an attorney if you are involved in an auto accident so they can determine who is at fault.

Who is at fault in a yellow light collision?

A driver who is approaching an intersection on yellow has the right of way to cross the intersection so long as the intersection is clear and the vehicle is over the crosswalk when the signal turns red. Should you speed up to catch the yellow light? It depends. Higher speeds multiply the chances of a multiple vehicle collision which can cause major injuries. A driver should use their best judgment and consider every vehicle on the road.

We should always be alert, driving defensively and with intent.

An untimely mistake can lead to major injuries or can even be fatal. When it comes to intersections with heavy traffic. Speeding up when seeing a yellow light can have you running into an anxious driver either from the left turn pocket or perpendicular traffic waiting for a green signal. When there is no left turn signal drivers must check for vehicles and pedestrians before executing a safe cross. Unfortunately, drivers in Los Angeles are harassed with honking or tailgating when lights turn from green to yellow on a left turn so they can get through. If you are a pedestrian or a driver who’s been a victim of a negligent driver at an intersection. The seasoned legal team at Novik Law Group, a Professional Law Corporation, can provide you with the representation you need to get the compensation you deserve. Call (888) 355-5552 for a free consultation.

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