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T-Bone Collisions

What Is A T-Bone Collision & Who’s Fault Is It?

When a vehicle is crossing through an intersection and is broadsided by another vehicle on either the driver or passenger side. This is what is called a T-Bone accident. Not to be confused with the beef cut. These accidents can lead to a multitude of serious injury or even death. If you were a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a T-Bone accident and suffered injuries. No matter which driver was at fault for the accident you should be entitled to compensation for you damages.

Either Driver Can Be at Fault for a T-Bone Accident

Because a vehicle was on the receiving end of a T-Bone does not resolve him of any fault. Although in CA drivers can share liability for negligence, evidence from the scene and witnesses will be the deciding factor in this type of claim. A reckless driver who is speeding across an intersection can run a stop sign or red light to be hit by a driver who has the right of way. Vehicles involved in high-speed accidents involve more than just the vehicle it collides with. Cars may end up in front yards of homes or dangerously close to a gas pump damaging street light and fire hydrants along the way.  Pedestrians and bicyclists are at very high risk if nearby. It is very important to document and photograph any debris or witness info from the scene. A police report may aid the investigation especially if an arrest of a drunk driver was made. A car accident attorney can help you with the steps moving forward in making a claim.

Avoiding collisions requires drivers to be able to see traffic. If a driver is driving without headlights at night or in poor weather, a driver driving into an intersection may not be able to see oncoming traffic, potentially resulting in a serious T-Bone collision.

Dealing With Intangible Damages

Also known as non-economic damages, are those that cannot be proven with medical bills or other tangible documentation. An injury can severely hinder the victim’s ability to function, cause long-term pain and suffering, and diminish the enjoyment of life and activities. These factors all contribute to the amount of pain and suffering damages a victim may be able to claim. These damages tend to be significantly more valuable for victims with permanent or disabling injuries that require lifelong treatment and care.

An accident that results in the death of your loved one could result in significant damages. When considering future loss of income and burial or funeral expenses, the death of a primary provider for the family might threaten your loved ones’ financial security and well-being. Additional compensation for emotional pain.

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