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The Legal Dangers of Concrete Parking Stoppers

Concrete stoppers help vehicles navigate in and out of parking bays in a lot. Many don’t consider these cement blocks as dangerous, because they shouldn’t be. Thousands of people a year trip and fall over misplaced or damaged stoppers. A fall of this sort can lead to broken elbows, hips, hands or even severe head injuries. Falling on concrete or rough asphalt can can awful scarring. If you suspect that you have a serious injury, call an ambulance. This will ensure that you can get the medical attention that you need. Do not expect anyone to take you seriously about a fall in a parking lot without an attorney.

Trip & Fall Cases from Dangerous Parking Curb Stops

An attorney can determine whether or not the parking lot doesn’t comply with local building codes. They might also be able to show clear defects, like cracks in the concrete. The parking stop may be in bad condition. Cars or any other heavy machinery operating on the lot can break or partially destroy these stoppers. Protruding rebar which is supposed to hold the wheel stop in place on the ground but often becomes dislodged and hazardous. Cement blockers should be a color that is in contrast with their surroundings. Another important factor is where the block was located. Stoppers should not be located in foreseeable pedestrian paths. Unpainted wheel stops that are the same color as the ground can create the optical illusion of a level surface. Some parking lots may color the block in a bright yellow or put reflective stickers on them. This will help them stand out. Adequate lighting should be maintained and the stopper should be centered within the parking space. If it’s at an odd angle or is blocking your path, this might strengthen your case. They will often need to take into consideration the weather and the time of day, as these affect the conditions in the parking lot. Bollards at least 3 feet high are much more obvious and could prevent many of these hazards.

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