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Our 2019 Scholarship Finalists Are…

We were honored to receive so many remarkable applicants for our first scholarship. To all those who applied – thank you! After getting to know all of you through your essays, we have no doubt you will do great things.

In no particular order, here are the finalists for our 2019 Road to Success Scholarship:

Jessica T. – Arlington, TX
Evette C. – Sherman Oaks, CA
Kaitlyn P. – West Henrietta, NY
Alexa R. – Lakeland, FL
Fernando R. – Hawthorne, CA
Edna R. – Macon, GA

We look forward to sharing the $1,000 winner with you on July 2, 2019! Please check back then! In the meantime, we’ll be talking over final details with our finalists. Congratulations, all!

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